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Leader in the seafood industry, ACC Ltd Sea Fruits offers customers high quality products. Our fishing vessels harvest on high seas and condition these fish: bar, tilapia, Captain, barracuda. ACC Ltd is committed to responsible and sustainable management of the Gulf of Guinea, waters in which we operate, therefore contributing to the economic health of the seafood industry.


Quality: We harvest at sea, condition and distribute a diverse range of healthy and reliable products.

Sustainability: We are committed to the responsible and sustainable management of our business both for the good of the environment and the continuity of our activities.

Innovation: We continually strive to find new ways to improve the efficiency, safety, quality and sustainability of our business.

Respect: We attract and retain our customers, employees and suppliers, treating them with honesty, respect and consideration.


Fishing: Our fishing vessels use trawls as harvesting method. Trawling is the most effective way to collect large volumes of shrimp and / or white fish species found at different depths. We use designated nets to minimize the impact of harvesting on the environment.

Packaging: Our efficiency does not end when the fish are on board. Our Vessel is equipped with processors and conveyors that allow a pretreatment before freezing fish.

Distribution :  With a network of cold storage facilities strategically located in all major ports, cities  and temperature control refrigerated trucks, our customers are guaranteed they will receive our product precisely when and where they want


We are shrimp specialist, we also harvest the following species:

Lepidophthalmus turneranus




The captain


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