We have been offering shipping solutions for over 20 years. We are the first national maritime ports and terminals management company driven by a team of talented and flexible people prompted to innovative solution on safe operations and unprecedented customer service filled with high value for all stakeholders.

We offer all clearing services: import, temporary import, exempted cargo, export /re-export, import under bond, transit etc

We can help you transport your goods by road, Cross Border, Seaway and Air Way. We transport Barrels and full container.

We offer warehousing, short-term storage, and container loading services. We provide the labor and equipment to load and secure any commodity.

Our fishing vessels harvest on high seas and condition these fish: bar, tilapia, Captain, barracuda.

Our long term growth consists of developing a cargo & passenger transport service within the countries of the gulf of Delta and subsequently cargo services for trans-oceanic routes.

Handling and storage of  all sorts of breakbulk & general cargo , such as goods on pallets, big bags, bundles, pre-sling cargoes, containers, etc

our vision

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